Mount Challenger via Eiley-Wiley

Ian and I took the Eiley-Wiley route to Mount Challenger. The only thing I'd add to Nelson's description in Selected Climbs in the Cascades, Volume 1 is that the south side of the "notch" route over point 7374 is potentially awful. Here is our experience with it.

From the 7240'+ notch (just SE of the summit block of point 7374) we descended a loose, rocky gully to a snowfield. Then we continued down the fall line into a narrow, steep, snow gully that had water pouring into it. We had to scramble down a creek in one section where the snow had completely melted out. While climbing down the snow some rock spontaneously broke off and fell into the gully, fortunately the rock stopped in the moat. Down climbing the gully was tedious and tiring and the rockfall hazard was bad.

On our return from the summit we took a longer route that traverses north around point 7374 and we were much happier with it.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.