Rampart Ridge SE Peak after hours

Due to road erosion from last winter, we had to park about a quarter mile from the Rocky Run trail head (which is at the northern-most point on Road #136). Rampart Ridge SE Peak is clearly visible from here. The road is still passable all the way to the trail head for reasonably high-clearance vehicles, there was a Subaru Outback parked at the trail head.

We hiked up the trail toward Lake Lillian. Just before reaching Lake Lillian, we took the right fork in the trail. The right fork climbs a short distance then contours around the east side of the lake. We left the trail where it starts contouring and ascended the ridge that runs SE to the 5,606' summit of Rampart Ridge. This route is class 2, it is mostly steep meadow and heather with very little brush.

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