Nadeau, Moolock, and SMC Lakes

I parked on the North Fork County Road at gate 11. As I got ready a couple hunters drove by.

I rode up Road 32000 toward Lake Hancock. On the south side of Hancock Lake I got a look at the houses on the north side, nice places. The road steepened after Lake Hancock, this was pretty tough to ride up.

The road would be driveable all the way to the (unlocked) gate 1/4 mile from SMC Lake. By the time I got to SMC Lake I was soaked, tired, and had cold hands. Mountain biking in wet, cold weather was a dumb idea.

There are some attractive cliffs near the lakes and some nice, minor peaks and ridges. It was pleasant despite being well-logged.

I encountered more hunters when I returned to the car. They must be in season.

  • Date:
    Elevation gain:
    2,905 feet
    Trip type:
    mountain bike
    USGS quad:
    Mount Si
    North Fork Snoqualmie Drainage
    4 hours 33 minutes
    • 56 minutes driving there from Lower Queen Anne to North Fork gate 11
    • 2 hours 58 minutes ascending from North Fork gate 11 to Lake Moolock
    • 1 hour 3 minutes descending from Lake Moolock to North Fork gate 11
    • 1 hour driving back from North Fork gate 11 to Lower Queen Anne
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