Sorcery Mountain via Goat Creek

Carla, Yana, and I parked at the Dingford Trailhead on the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road and hiked up the Dingford Trail. After crossing Goat Creek (which is distinctive because it forks into a couple streams before crossing the trail) we headed north cross-country toward Horseshoe Lake, staying east of Goat Creek and within hearing-distance of the creek the whole way. Supposedly there is a fisherman's path to the lake, but there was too much snow for us to find it.

At Horseshoe Lake we headed east on an intercept course with Sorcery's west ridge. We hit steep, frozen turf and thin, frozen snow that forced us to don crampons. We were happy to gain the more moderate ridge, which went with no difficulties to the summit. It was a nice scramble up the ridge with some unusual granite boulders.

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