Dumb things and no Talypus (attempted)

We didn't make it to Talypus Lake, but at least we got to see (and do) some dumb things.

We headed up the Talypus/Olallie with my friend shuffling awkwardly in her new randonee skis and painful boots. It wasn't until miles later that we discovered why her setup was so uncomfortable.

The Talypus/Olallie road is surprisingly popular with snowshoers, crazy drivers, skiers, and sledders. We ascended in the tracks of previous winter travelers and in the tracks of one truck. A truck at this time of year? I wondered what kind of beefy truck could drive through that snow; after two miles we came upon it... a Subaru Forester. A stuck Subaru Forester with a clutch burnt out from rocking back and forth in the snow. The driver said they had spent two hours trying to turn around and had given up and called a friend to come tow them. We continued skiing up the road.

Finally we decided to turn around because my friends boots where too uncomfortable. Only then did we realize she had her heel-raisers on the whole time. We're such smarties. After 15 minutes trying to lock her heels into her bindings, we were about to give up when we noticed a thin film of ice that added just enough thickness to block the locking mechanism. We scraped the ice off and we were in business.

On our way down we encountered the Forester's friend digging his stuck truck out of the snow. Two more trucks followed, I wonder how they all got turned around? We didn't stick around to find out.

  • Date:
    Elevation gain:
    1,060 feet
    Trip type:
    cross-country ski
    USGS quad:
    South Fork Snoqualmie Drainage, Alpine Lakes Wilderness
    6 hours 51 minutes
    • 1 hour 34 minutes driving there from Lower Queen Anne to exit 45 and road 9030
    • 4 hours 51 minutes ascending from exit 45 and road 9030 to 1/4th mile past end of road 9030
    • 2 hours descending from 1/4th mile past end of road 9030 to exit 45 and road 9030

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