The Carbuncle Traverse

** Try #1: Rock Mountain

Carla and I found the Rock Mountain trail head on our second try (the stop sign on the road was almost completely covered in snow). After ascending 1,000 feet of steep, hard snow, with an exposed drop to the west, we decided to go do something else.

** Try #2: Frog Mountain

We drove to the Frog Mountain trail head then realized the relevant map wasn't in my folder. Arg!

** Try #3: obscure bump

Carla reluctantly agreed to plan C: a rocky bump that is visible from Highway 2. We drove a short distance up the Mount Persis logging road before parking at a bermed road that runs through a fresh clear-cut to the base of our destination. In the first 30 feet of the hike we passed beer cans impaled on young alder, shot-up computers, and a bowling pin. Soon we left the road and scrambled upward through ugly brush.

At this point Carla dubbed the bump "Satan's Carbuncle" (I later found that it already had a name, TOC Rock).

On top of the lower bump we found a lean-to made out of a tarp. Odd.

On top of a cliff we found a 2-inch thick, square sheet of steel, it was painted white. Also odd.

There were many pine trees on the carbuncle. I've found pines and madronas on Choirboy and Little Si, which are also west-side bumps.

I enjoyed the hike, ugly as it was. I like exploring these weird places that I see on maps or from the road. I think Carla was half humoring me and half desperate to get out of the car and do something.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.