Nevada: Climbing and hiking in Red Rocks

** Day 1: Magic Bus

Ian and I left Seattle early Wednesday morning, by early afternoon we had arrived in Las Vegas, gotten a campsite, set up the tent, driven to the Second Pullout, found The Magic Bus crag, and climbed our first route. Sweet! Magic Bus was fun, the ratings seemed a little soft.

** Day 2: Dark Shadows

There were two parties on Dark Shadows and another waiting when we arrived at the base of the route. By the time we left, we had the place to ourselves. It was a great climb. I led the third pitch, which was the most challenging trad lead I have done. I enjoyed the fourth pitch the most, there was loads of exposure and the climbing was fun.

** Day 3: Turtlehead and Kraft

Ian and Tonja went off to climb Geronimo. I hiked up Turtlehead Mountain, which wasn't that pretty and was very crowded.

Next I went over to Kraft Mountain to check out the bouldering and hike around the mountain. The bouldering was pretty good. The hike around the mountain was beautiful, varied, and solitary.

** Day 4: Black Corridor

Ian, Tonja, and I sport climbed in the Black Corridor, a short, narrow canyon with routes on both sides. This is an awesome place to crag although it was pretty crowded when we were there, Ian compared it to a crowded climbing gym. I took a two scary leader falls on "Lewd, Crude, and Misconstrued", after considering that I think I will better evaluate whether I want to lead a route.

** Day 5: Kraft again

Our last day was hot and nobody felt like climbing. Ian and Tonja headed for town. I took a slow hike around Kraft mountain again. I found a few boulder problems with nice, soft gravel landings in the wash. I really like that hike.

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