Noble Knob

I was in my bivvy sack on the summit of Noble Knob reading by headlamp when I saw something descending upon me from the corner of my eye. I looked up into the night sky and saw a large owl swooping down at me. I raised my arms and the owl veered away. It flew around the summit a couple times, then came at me again, and again. I had a big grin on my face as I kept my arms between me and the owl. It was so cool, I'd never seen an owl hunting at night. After a few minutes it flew off towards a meadowed valley.

Later that night I woke to the sound of fat raindrops hitting my bivvy sack. I blearily peered at the sky, when I went to sleep it was clear, now there were black clouds above me and lightening flashing in the distance. I went back to sleep.

At 4:30 AM I woke and noticed two stars on the eastern horizon. They were swollen and orange, like a harvest moon. They were the only stars visible in the sky, peeking under the cloud cover that didn't quite stretch all the way to the eastern horizon.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.