Mount Sawyer

Lindsay and I parked on Road 310 at the west end of Tonga Ridge trail and hiked up the trail. When we were near the pass between Mount Fin (point 5280+) and Mount Sawyer, we left the trail and ascended via the west ridge of Mount Sawyer. This was a little brushy with nice views and optional rock scrambling.

I was surprised to hear voices as we neared the summit of Mount Sawyer. Who knew there was a trail to the summit? Apparently many people, judging by the number of parties on the summit. These people gave me funny looks when I arrived at the top, one asked me why I took the bushwack route. It's not on either of my maps, but a well-traveled trail ascends the SW side of the mountain.

We spent more time sunning on the summit than we spent hiking to the top. Good trip.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.