Margaret and Lillian

I drove past the official Mount Margaret trail head on Road 4934, drove up the single lane spur road, and parked where the trail starts. There isn't a gate on this road, although there are two yellow posts that used to hold a gate. The single lane road was rough, I bottomed out twice. There was only room for a couple cars to park at the end.

I first hiked to Lake Lillian. This was a very enjoyable walk with some nice views.

Then I hiked back to Mount Margaret. I found a very faint and easy to miss boot path that runs east directly uphill to the saddle between the summit and the southern sub-summit.

On the way back I took the well-traveled boot path that runs from the summit, over the south summit, and south down to the main trail.

It was a lovely hike, but it is too bad we do not have a real parking lot at the trail head. Hiking the logging road from the official trail head would be uninspiring.

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