Eagle Rock via SW ridge

Carla and I drove Road 6517 past the creek that runs south from the pass between Eagle Rock and Flapjack Point. We parked at the edge of the clear cut a few hundred feet past the creek. I had the idea that we would skirt the edge of the clear cut and return to the creek, but that was not to be.

We ended up scrambling the SE ridge of Eagle rock. This ridge doesn't become very pronounced until 4,400'. The main difficulty in this route was steep, dirt slopes. Under most conditions these slopes may not be that difficult, but the bare ground was frozen solid, making for precarious footing (crampons would have been nice).

Eventually the ridge became narrow and rocky, requiring increasingly difficult and brushy scrambling. At this point we went left into the gully and ascended the rest of the way up the gully.

There were great views from the top of Eagle Rock. I also enjoyed reading the summit register, which was placed in 1973.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.