Wizard's summit of Keechelus Ridge

The 4,896' east sub-summit of Keechelus Ridge looks really cool from the southeast with the sharp, straight ridges that run down from it. It always reminds me of the sort of place a wizard would have his tower. OK, a minor wizard who doesn't mind living in the middle of a clear cut frequented by snowmobilers.

I parked in the Price Creek Westbound Sno-Park and headed up Road 124, and continued on roads until I arrived at the base of the summit block. I took off my skis and kick-stepped the last 30 vertical feet to the summit, which were a little steep with snow compacted by sun and wind.

I love the ski down Road 124, it is narrow, steep, and covered in those washboard/jumps that snowmobiles make. Very fun and challenging.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.