Duke of Kent

Andrea and I parked on Road 9020 at the Alice Creek washout. It is a trashy dump here. We crossed Alice Creek then took the spur road that goes up the Alice Creek basin and eventually ends below the Earls. The road is much more brushy than it was a couple years ago.

At the end of the road we headed south up a loose talus field, making a long, tedious traverse to the 4,520' pass on the south side of the Duke. The final push to the pass involved steep duff scrambling where we used our ice axes and brush belays.

The Rock Creek side of the pass felt completely different than the Alice Creek side. The Alice Creek basin is logged out and not so pleasant. The Rock Creek basin felt remote and rugged and we had a nice view of a surprisingly scenic and gnarly ridge to the east. Even the talus on the Rock Creek side was more stable. There were pretty meadows. And we saw a marmot.

From the pass we dropped down 250', then traversed below rock buttresses to a steep meadow/gully that led to the summit of the Duke. The summit was a good place to lounge while enjoying 360 degree views.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.