Pratt River, Mount Defiance, Granite Lakes loop

This was a silly, long loop to Mount Defiance starting and ending at the Middle Fork Snoqualmie trail head.

From the trail head I took the connector trail to the Pratt River Trail and followed the Pratt River Trail to its end. This trail does not have much to recommend it. At the end of the Pratt River Trail I was unable to follow the trail that goes from the Pratt River Trail up to Pratt Lake, so I just went east cross-country to the Kaleetan Lake trail. The cross-country section was only 30-40 minutes and not too brushy.

When I got to the Kaleetan Lake trail, I followed the trail network to Lower Tuscohatchie Lake, Pratt Lake, Rainbow Lake, and finally to the summit of Mount Defiance. My object was really just the silly loop, not Defiance, but I figured I'd throw it in since I was so close.

From Defiance I followed the trail through some very pretty meadow land (where I saw a bear cub) to Thompson Lake. From there I headed to the Granite Lake Road-Trail. At the north ridge of Mailbox, I took the connector short-cut trail that leads to the Middle Fork Road.

I had hoped to hitch a ride up the Middle Fork Road, but it was dark by the time I got to the road and the only truck that went in my direction ignored me and my raised thumb. A few miles later I walked past the truck with the driver in the back smoking. I said "hi" as I walked past but he ignored me.

After hiking 5+ miles of the Middle Fork Road in the rain and in the dark, I was very happy to finally return to my car and a thermos full of hot chocolate.

Copyright © 2004 Gabriel Deal.