If you want, skip the pictures and go right to the description.

Here Dave is throwing the pot, the first step in creating a raku piece. Dave throws large pots in sections, merging the wet clay edges together in a tongue and groove joint. After throwing for a few days his hands often become hard and smooth from the continual rubbing of the twirling pots.

Boni does much of the surface design. Here she is painting liquid latex onto the bare clay of the pot, to mask out her heron drawings. This is one step of many in preparation for glazing.

[Dave Pulling Pot Out Of Kiln] That pot he is pulling out of the kiln is pushing 2000 degrees farenheight (yes he is insane). This is the final major step, after this we clean, price, and ship the pot. Click on the image to get a better view of what's going on here (I would if I were you, 48 kilobytes).
The next page has a sequence of photos of Dave pulling a large pot from the kiln.

Here's a summary of the process that goes into creating a piece like the "Raku Leaf Print Vessel" on the work page (this is as I know it -- in otherwords, not the definitive word on the process). Actually there's more to it, sorry, I've skipped many small steps.


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