Image of Lindsay breaking trail with Shuksan Arm in the distance
Image of The view from our high point above Lake Ann.  Point 6461 on Shuksan Arm in foreground, Mount Shuksan in back right.
Image of Mount Larrabee, The Pleaides, and Goat Mountain from Austin Pass
Image of I love this old doug fir.
Image of Our parking spot on Highway 14 at Dog Creek.  Our route up is directly above the truck.
Image of The first few hundred vertical feet were pretty steep.
Image of South side of Hamilton Mountain
Image of Picnic tables playing outside a CCC shelter at the Hamilton Mountain trail head.
Image of The Hamilton Mountain trail head is at Highway 14 this time of year.
Image of The rolling NE arms of Jim Hill Mountain.
Image of Avalanche chutes! The SW shoulder of Rock Mountain.
Image of Bulls Tooth and Sasha Peak behind Doughgob Mountain
Image of Lenticular, over cumulus, over Mount Prophet
Image of Carla admires Colonial Peak and Snowfield Peak
Image of Last sunny photo op before we descend into the clouds
Image of Matt on one of Slodal's false summits, Baker to the right
Image of Matt on one of Slodal's false summits, Sloan to the left
Image of Sloan and the NW ridge of Slodal
Image of The summit of Cleveland Mountain
Image of
Image of
Image of Kevin skinning up
Image of Lindsay and Sperry Peak
Image of Sperry Peak from the Sunrise Mine Road

Mount Washington hike/posthole-fest (attempted)

Image of Dog Spine from Highway 14
Image of Ascending the slopes west of Dog Spine
Image of

Evergreen Mountain snowshoe


Tiger 2 & 3 hike


Snoqualmie Mountain hike


Mount Teneriffe hike


Hamilton Mountain hike


PCT: Mexico to Canada backpack

2011/05/02 (152 days)

Cascade Head hike


Sand dune day hike


Devil's Cauldron and Smuggler's Cove hike


Wind Mountain hike

Image of Summit of Bing Peak
Image of Crosby Mountain
Image of Descending a gully south of the 4,160+ col on the west of Bing Peak
Image of On the Iron Horse Trail
Image of Mount Si, Mount Teneriffe, and Green Mountain from the Iron Horse Trail
Image of Dirtybox Peak from the Change Creek Trail

Jester Mountain and Iron Bear scramble

Image of
Image of Gorge trail #400
Image of Archer Mountain

Pratt Mountain snowshoe


Mailbox Peak hike


Grand Ridge trail run

Image of
Image of
Image of Middle Fork Valley from Mount Washington
Image of
Image of Hancock's Comb
Image of Moolock Mountain
Image of Kaleetan Peak and Chair Peak
Image of Birthday party on the summit
Image of Granite Mountain

Mount Si hike

Image of Denny Mountain
Image of
Image of Rampart Ridge

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