Easton Ridge snowshoe (attempted)

Image of Skiing up Kendall Peak Lakes logging road
Image of Kendall Peak Lakes basin
Image of Rampart Ridge from Kendall Peak Lakes road

Wallace and Heybrook hike

Image of McClellan Butte from Change Peak
Image of Change Peak from The Great Wall
Image of Seed pod

Thorp Mountain hike

Image of Hall Point 2,400'
Image of Mailbox Peak and Dirtybox Peak from Change Creek trail
Image of SW side of Change Peak
Image of Map of our route up Eagle Rock
Image of Ascending SW slope of Eagle Rock
Image of Summit of Eagle Rock

Mount Daniel scramble

2008/11/29 (2 days)
Image of East peak of Mount Daniel
Image of Cathedral Rock
Image of Yana on SW ridge of Mount Daniel
Image of Jack Ridge from Headlight Basin
Image of Hiking to Ingalls Pass
Image of Morning light on Ingalls Peak
Image of Granite Mountain from the Mount Margaret trail
Image of Mount Margaret from the Mount Margaret trail
Image of Southwest side of Rampart Ridge SE Peak
Image of Eagle Creek with Merchant in the background
Image of Merchant Peak from slopes of Townsend Mountain
Image of One of the towers south of Townsend Mountain's summit block

Nasikelt Peak via PCT scramble

Image of Mailbox Peak from Mount Washington
Image of Quickdraws on the ceiling of The Actual Cave
Image of I love fall

Enchantments scramble

2008/10/24 (3 days)
Image of Prusik Peak from Prusik Pass
Image of Little Annapurna from Perfection Lake
Image of Dudley Spire and Axis Peak from Colchuck Lake trail
Image of Huckleberries bushes on Johnson Ridge
Image of Maple on the Johnson Ridge trail
Image of Me happy about my new umbrella

Oregon: Oceanside hike

2008/10/10 (4 days)
Image of Three Arch Rocks in morning
Image of Netarts Spit beach
Image of Sunset behind Three Arch Rocks

Oregon: Cragging at Smith cragging

2008/10/06 (3 days)
Image of Lori rapping down The Pillar to the second Lost Charms belay station
Image of Lori rapping down from two bolts that are 30+ meters above the top of The Pillar
Image of Bushwack Peak and point 5110 from Static Point
Image of Scrambling up the west ridge of Mount Sawyer
Image of Lindsay on west ridge of Mount Sawyer, Mount Fin in the background

Exit 38: Bob's Area cragging


Some goofy middle fork peak, try #2 scramble (attempted)

2008/09/13 (2 days)
Image of Lindsay on stump next to the Granite Lakes short-cut trail
Image of Revolution Peak from Zorro Ridge
Image of Sunset on Zorro Ridge
Image of Lindsay hiking up the Guye Peak trail
Image of Guye Peak trail
Image of Kendall Peak from Guye Peak
Image of Snowking Mountain from tarns above Cyclone Lake
Image of Lindsay at the high Kindy Ridge camp (by 5,442' tarn)
Image of 5,442' tarn above Cyclone Lake

Exit 38: Neverland cragging


Afternoon rendezvous at Sunrise hike


Noble Knob hike

2008/08/16 (2 days)
Image of Sign on Forest Road 7174
Image of Start of Noble Knob trail
Image of North side of Mutton Mountain

Exit 38: Neverland cragging


Clark Mountain hike (attempted)

2008/08/09 (2 days)

Exit 38: Overhaul and Gun Show cragging


Index: Inner Town Wall cragging


Ice climbing on Nisqually Glacier ice climbing

2008/08/01 (2 days)

Fun Forest cragging and Mountain Home bouldering climb & boulder


Index: Lower Wall cragging


Exit 38: Gun Show cragging

Image of Yana rapping down Easy Street
Image of Yana rapping down Easy Street
Image of Climber on Endless Bliss

Hardscrabble Peak scramble

2008/07/12 (2 days)
Image of SW sub-summit of Hardscrabble Peak
Image of Hardscrabble Peak
Image of Lindsay riding up the Middle Fork Snoqualmie Road
Image of Ian studying the SW buttress route (Liberty Bell in the background)
Image of Ian ascending the first of the SW buttress's two slabby pitches
Image of Looking at the 8th and 9th pitches of SW buttress route from the south arete

Liberty Bell via Beckey Route alpine rock climb


South Early Winters Spire via south arete alpine rock climb


Banks Lake, Skaha, and Squamish cragging

2008/06/20 (7 days)

Icicle Ridge traverse hike

2008/06/14 (2 days)

Leavenworth: Clamshell Cave cragging


Slushy freshies on Big Chief ski


Sugarloaf and Bat Caves hike


Exit 32: Repo and Midland cragging


Wygant Peak: Groves of poison oak hike


Exit 38: An evening of Gritscone fun cragging


Peshastin: The slab that kicked my butt cragging


Whiskey Dick Mountain: Ticks, ticks, TICKS! hike


Peshastin, Eleven Bits Hill, Petrified Ginkgo Forest, and Ancient Lakes scramble


Umtanum Ridge scramble

Image of Climber in The Black Corridor
Image of Ian rapping down Magic Bus
Image of A flowering tree growing in a slot below Magic Bus
Image of Satan's Carbuncle trailhead
Image of Hermit's shack on Carbuncle One
Image of Mysterious metal slab on Carbuncle Point

Kendall Knob #1 from Gold Creek cross-country ski


Vantage cragging

2008/03/15 (2 days)

Touring around Skyline Ridge backcountry ski

Image of Snoqualmie Mountain from Cave Ridge
Image of Top of Cave Ridge
Image of Red Mountain from Cave Ridge
Image of Snowshed Head tower
Image of Danger, explosives storage area
Image of Shed on Snowshed Head

Gary Brill L1 avvy field trip


Cape Falcon hike

Image of Carla below Kendall Knob
Image of Lindsay below Kendall Knob
Image of West face of Lichtenberg Mountain from Lake Valhalla
Image of One of the Kendall Peak Lakes
Image of Meadow below Kendall Peak Lakes (maybe the lower lake?)
Image of Typical brush on the Gordon Ridge road
Image of Yana ascending the final ridge of Anaconda Peak
Image of Summit of Anaconda Peak
Image of Skiing the south slope of Stampede Pass point 4,400+
Image of Stampede Pass
Image of Foggy Road 5484

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