Hyak loop tour Backcountry ski


Cape Horn loop hike


Kendall Peak Lakes tour backcountry ski

Image of Dungeon Peak
Image of Rocky Run Trail
Image of Dungeon Peak from a boulder field above the Lake Lillian Trail.

Star & Oval Peaks scramble

2016/10/01 (3 days)
Image of Star Lake
Image of The Star Lake basin
Image of Courtney Peak and Star Lake

Sauk Mountain scramble


Dungeon Peak & Rampart Ridge scramble


Three Sisters loop scramble

2016/09/02 (4 days)
Image of South Sister
Image of The PCT and Wickiup Plain
Image of The edge of Rock Mesa

The Two Box Traverse scramble

2016/08/18 (5 days)
Image of
Image of Lower Granite Lake
Image of We were so happy this pond below Web Mtn was not dry, it was our only water source for the whole day.

Alpine Lakes High Route scramble

2016/08/10 (5 days)
Image of A tarn between Big Snow and Hardscrabble.
Image of Hardscrabble Dome, Overcoat, Chimney Rock, and Lemah.
Image of Summit Chief Mountain

Tucquala to Paddy-Go-Easy traverse scramble


Kitling Peak loop scramble

2016/07/30 (2 days)
Image of Pachyderm Peak and Gabriel Peak
Image of Mesahchie Peak, Katsuk Peak, and Kimtah Peak.
Image of Mesahchie Peak from the high meadows at the head of the Panther Creek drainage.

Little Si scramble


Mount Kent scramble


Granite Mountain hike


Kendall Peak after hours scramble

Image of
Image of Hall Peak
Image of

Jolly to DeRoux traverse scramble

2016/06/05 (2 days)
Image of
Image of Skookum Peak from the Jolly Mtn Trail
Image of Mount Stuart from the north slopes of Jolly Mtn

Pike Creek hike

Image of
Image of The Pike Creek trail head.  Where a fee may be required.  Or it may not, depending on who you talk to.
Image of
Image of
Image of
Image of
Image of
Image of
Image of West Pueblo Mountain
Image of On Alvord Pk's NE ridge.
Image of
Image of Alvord Peak from a BLM gate on Fields-Denio Road
Image of South Early Winters Spire
Image of South Early Winters Spire
Image of
Image of Point 6870
Image of Whistler Peak from Lake Anne.
Image of Point 6,870 above Lake Anne.

Memaloose Falls hike


Larch Mountain trail run


Horse Lake Mountain traverse hike

Image of
Image of
Image of On the talus field below point 4272.
Image of Balsamroot!
Image of
Image of Swale Canyon from the summit of Stacker Butte

Catherine Creek hike


Gorge Trail 400 trail run


Mount Washington hike


Cape Lookout trail run


Noble Knob snowshoe

Image of On Noble Knob's south ridge.
Image of Noble Knob
Image of

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