Nehalem Spit trail run


Neahkahnie Mountain loop trail run


Cape Horn loop hike

Image of Looking up river with Phoca Rock in the distance.  "Phoca Rock was named by Lewis and Clark, after the Latin (Greek?) word for "seal", as presumably they saw many seals in the area" -
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Image of A few rays of direct sunlight on Myrtle Lake.
Image of We parked a quarter of a mile from the Mount Higgins lookout trail head and walked the road to the trail head.
Image of
Image of
Image of Barlow Pass
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Image of Our trail head was on the shoulder of the Foss River Road just SW of the Foss River crossing.
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Image of The watershed boundary was marked with a continuous line of these concrete fence posts strung with barbed wire.
Image of I found devils club thorns in my bicep when I was taking a shower after this trip.  I also had some thorns in the soles of my feet!
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Image of
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Image of On the summit of Mount Washington.
Image of The North Fork Stillaguamish Valley.
Image of North Mountain and the North Fork Stillaguamish Valley.
Image of Ascending the south slopes of Neiderprum.
Image of Dad standing on the 1870s wagon road.
Image of Licorice ferns
Image of Our trail head on the shoulder of I-84, east of the Wyeth exit and immediately after the large retaining wall.

The Louvre via Paris Creek scramble (attempted)

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Image of Sucker hole reflection on Blanca Lake.
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Image of Little Bulger over Myrtle Lake.
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Image of Lindsay admiring the Ponderosa Pines.
Image of Big Leaf Maple!
Image of Carla and Jack passing a Ponderosa Pine.
Image of Who is watching us?
Image of Mossy vine maples
Image of My first fresh snow of the season

New PCT, old PCT loop backpack

2012/10/05 (3 days)
Image of Sunrise on Chimney Rock from my camp site on Escondido Ridge.
Image of Summer is over.
Image of

Neahkahnie Mountain loop hike


Osceola, Carru, & Rolo scramble

2012/09/22 (4 days)
Image of Osceola Peak from the trail near Lake Doris.
Image of Our first look at Osceola Peak
Image of Mount Carru and Mount Lago from Osceola Peak
Image of Early morning yoga below Chikamin Lake.  The SE towers of Lemah are in the background.
Image of A patch of autumn color on the Mineral Creek Trail.
Image of Lemah Mountain from the boot path to Glacier Lake.

Azurite Peak scramble

2012/09/08 (2 days)
Image of Holliway Mountain and Golden Horn from Azurite Pass
Image of Down-climbing the stemmy section of the upper gully.
Image of Sunset over Majestic Mountain from our camp at Azurite Pass.
Image of Sloan Peak over a meadow of Pasque Flowers
Image of
Image of Hiking up West Cady Ridge in the mist

Chiwawa Mountain loop scramble

2012/08/18 (3 days)
Image of Sunrise in the meadow above our Middle Ridge camp site
Image of On the summit of Chiwawa Mountain, looking north towards Cloudy Peak
Image of On the summit of Chiwawa Mountain with Clark and Luahna in the background
Image of Fun!
Image of A member of the Ingalls Lake welcoming committee
Image of One of the Dogtooth Spires

Mount Olympus alpine climb

2012/07/27 (3 days)
Image of Incoming clouds engulfing Mercury (point 6950)
Image of I could not stop taking pictures of the Blue Glacier
Image of The middle peak of Olympus

Dirty Harry's Balcony evening hike

Image of In Boston Basin, with Johannesburg Mountain in the background
Image of The view from our campsite's kitchen
Image of Boston Peak and Sahale Peak
Image of Mount Hood
Image of The Eliot Glacier in the background
Image of Our lunch/turn-around spot around 8,500' on Cooper Spur
Image of Brett on the summit of Floating Rock
Image of Rock Lake
Image of Green Ridge Lake
Image of Lindsay down climbing the other side of Pandora's Box
Image of Traversing Valhalla Cirque.  Dragontail Peak in the background.
Image of Witches Tower

Bootjack, Highchair, Sixtysix Hundred loop scramble


Putrid Petes Peak evening scramble


Sauer Mountain hike

Image of Looking down on I-90 from the trail up Bandera's west ridge
Image of Pratt Mountain and Island Lake
Image of The summit of Bandera Mountain in the background
Image of Road 400 was horribly rutted in three places, requiring careful wheel placement
Image of After parking on Road 400 on a switchback at 3,600', I followed this overgrown logging road north to the nose of the ridge
Image of
Image of There were hundreds of ladybugs on the summit of Wedge.
Image of I parked on Road 7305 were it goes over a 2,800' col.  I noticed a bike trail there and decided to give it a try.  The trail went up to 4,000', from there I followed old logging roads and a bit of brush to the normal trail head
Image of An hour later I arrived at the normal trail head, Wedge Mtn peeking through in the upper left
Image of
Image of Our first direct sunlight of the day
Image of Kayak Peak from The Dinghy
Image of The impressive prow coming off of Silver Star's west summit
Image of The Wine Spires in the distance
Image of Chablis Spire and Pernod Spire on the right

Cragging at Mazama cragging

Image of
Image of
Image of I parked at the intersection of Derby Canyon Road and Road 7403 (3.4 miles after the pavement ends) and hiked up the gated Road 7403
Image of Looking up the Burntboot Creek valley from the summit of Lundin Peak, Mount Thomson on the right.
Image of Looking east to Guye Peak and the Yakima Valley.
Image of Amazing clouds!  Keechelus Lake in the background.
Image of
Image of I first tried to climb Tibbetts from Peshastin.  But after half a mile of walking I encountered this sign on the nose of the ridge.  I respect property owner's rights, so I returned to my car.
Image of I next tried to find an approach from Olalla Canyon Road.  All I found was a high concentration of 'no trespassing' and 'beware of dog' signs.
Image of David doing a group photo op.
Image of Painters Thumb
Image of Cornices between Frigid's north and south summits.
Image of The east side of Davis Peak, Washington's steepest mountain face.
Image of
Image of Jack Mountain
Image of In the Dutchmans Flats sno-park
Image of Mount Bachelor
Image of Me, Lindsay, and the Three Sisters Wilderness

Cragging at Smith Rocks cragging

Image of
Image of A small crag next to Little Beacon Rock
Image of Hamilton Mountain from point 1,720' on Hamilton's south ridge

Wind Mountain hike

Image of Looking west down the Columbia River from Wind Mountain
Image of A sign at the trail head said that blowdowns have made the trail difficult if not impossible to hike on.  The sign was out of date, the trail was easily hikeable.
Image of Some blowdown.

Vantage: Mounties field trip at The Feathers cragging field trip


Vantage: An evening at The Feathers cragging


Instructing at Stevens Pass snow field trip scramble field trip

Image of The Pinnacle, Colonial, Snowfield group
Image of
Image of Kevin scouting a safe way off the ridge to Little Davie
Image of A banner cloud off the summit of Middle Chiwaukum.
Image of The view SE of North Chiwaukum.
Image of We parked on White Pine Road at the entrance to Cascade Meadows Baptist Camp (the road was plowed to here) and snowshoed to the White Pine trail head.

Vantage: The Feathers cragging


Vantage: Sunshine Wall, and The Feathers cragging

Image of
Image of The dune started abruptly with a steep climb up 20 feet
Image of Tufts of grass in the last rays of light

Vantage: Riverview, Clearview, and Feathers cragging

Image of Mount Triumph
Image of Baker peaking over the Bacon/Diobsud ridge
Image of
Image of
Image of Teanaway and Stuart Range
Image of On the summit of Roughhouse Mountain
Image of
Image of
Image of
Image of The forecasted clear weather was 8 hours late
Image of Long Mountain
Image of Matt fording the Stillaguamish at 7:30 AM
Image of Skiing up point 5,560' with Lichtenberg Mountain in the background
Image of Glacier and McCausland from point 5,560'
Image of The west face of Lichtenberg Mountain

Mount Ross via SW ridge scramble (attempted)


West Granite via SW ridge scramble

Image of 8th Place NW (a registered Seattle Landmark).
Image of Lindsay cruising through Counterbalance Park.
Image of Our trail head: the sidewalk outside our condo.
Image of
Image of After bashing through young forest, we got into this nice older forest.
Image of What kind of expression does she have?

Chokwich via Perry Creek scramble (attempted)

Image of Hall Peak from the Perry Creek trail.
Image of An early start at the Dickerman/Perry Creek trail head.
Image of Pre-dawn light on Big Four Mountain
Image of Chair Peak
Image of Kevin on the NW ridge of point 5,360 with Snoqualmie in the background.
Image of Lindsay skiing off the summit of point 5,360.
Image of Radio tower on East Tiger Mountain
Image of Tower 1 on mile 116 of line 1
Image of My trail head was the gated road on Highway 18 between Raging River and Deep Creek.

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