Larch Mountain from my parents' house scramble/bushwack

Image of South Middle Fork Valley from Choirboy
Image of Garfield Mountain from Choirboy
Image of Garfield Mountain from Choirboy
Image of Ridge north of The Pulpit

Tilly Jane trail (on SE side of Mount Hood) hike

Image of Kaleetan Peak from Thompson Point 5124
Image of Revolution Peak from Thompson Point 5124
Image of Web Mountain from Granite Creek Road-Trail
Image of The Tooth from Low Mountain
Image of Summit of Low Mountain from the north ridge
Image of Bootpath from Commonwealth Basin up Guye Peak
Image of Fuller Mountain from road 29100
Image of Paperboy Peak from side of Boomerang Peak
Image of Hancock's Comb the road west of Lake Hancock
Image of Paperboy Peak from Hancock's Comb
Image of Bessemer Mountain, South Bessemer Mountain, and Moolock
Image of Boomerang Peak (left) and Paperboy Peak from Hancock's C
Image of Hawkins Mountain from SW ridge
Image of Avalanche Mountain, just visible from Snow Lake trail
Image of Impassable section of ridge east of trail
Image of Mount Teneriffe from the small peak NE of Dixie Peak
Image of Mount Si from Crater Lake Mountain
Image of Dixie Peak from Crater Lake Mountain
Image of Meadow below Warm Lake (near Mount Curtis Gilbert)
Image of Buttress below summit of Mount Curtis Gilbert
Image of Goat Mountain (Lake Philippa quad) from Bare Mountain trail
Image of Autumn on Bare Mountain trail

Mac Peak via Deception Creek trail scramble (attempted)

Image of The summit of Middle Sister
Image of North ridge of South Sister

Mount Adams via north ridge scramble (attempted)

2004/09/03 (2 days)
Image of North ridge of Mount Adams
Image of Ascending-the-north-ridge-of-Mount-Adams

Sunset on Mount Si hike


Abiel Peak via bootpath off of PCT scramble


Hibox Peak via Rachel Lake trail scramble


Red Mountain via Commonwealth Basin scramble


Del Campo Peak via Gothic Basin Trail scramble


Fay Peak, Mount Pleasant, and Hessong Rock scramble


Tatoosh Traverse scramble


Earl Peak and Bean Peak via Beverly Creek trail scramble field trip


Snoqualmie Mountain via Alpental bootpath scramble


Cowboy Mountain via Stevens Pass ski area scramble field trip


Rainy Lake scramble


Snoqualmie Lake via Taylor River trail hike/mountain bike

Image of Dave, Gabriel, and Sarah on the west side of Steens Mountain
Image of Looking-down-the-east-side-of-Steens-Mountain
Image of 45-Keiger-Gorge-on-Steens-Mountain

Mason Lake via trail snowshoe/backpack

2004/02/28 (2 days)

Mount Pilchuck via Pinnacle Lake scramble (attempted)


Mount Washington via trail snowshoe (attempted)


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